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Austin Tia Torres Meet n' Greet

See Tia Torres up front and personal. Take a photo with her. Meet her. Earl Moffett will be available as well.

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Here is some helpful information about our 2015 "P" Word Tour.

At this time, we are only taking sign ups for the Jacksonville, FL and Austin, TX locations. For more information on tentative locations, please go to

The "P" Word Tour is a Meet n' Greet opportunity for you to ask questions, take photos, etc.  We will also be selling merchandise at these events, so you will also have the opportunity to have items signed.

We are pleased to add Earl Moffett (one of our parolees) for his own "E" Word time with you.  His heartwarming and very frank motivational speech will take up the first two hours of the event.

Earl will go on stage at 10:00 am and his event will last until approximately 12:00 pm.

Following the "E" Word event, Tia Torres will then speak for approximately one hour and then allow another hour for Q & A (for you to ask questions).  When the Q & A's have been completed, everyone will then will be called up by random and by section for photo op and autographs.  Tia's event will start at 1:00 pm and last until approximately 4:00 pm but more than likely go past that time.

Despite this being a very relaxed atmosphere we do have to set rules in place:

1.  No video or audio taping allowed

2.  The price is per ticket regardless of age unless your child can sit in your lap.  For the Meet n' Greet we do not give group rate discounts (we only give discounts for our workshops)

3.  Tia will NOT be able to give any training advice due to time restraints

4.  Refund Policy: All payments and fees are nonrefundable. It is expected that fans will assess the appropriateness of this event by reviewing the instructions in advance of purchase or registration.

5.  NO DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED AT ANY OF THE VENUES.  Not even service dogs and let me explain why. First of all, it is next to impossible for us to find venues when your show is called "Pit Bulls and Parolees".  So when these venues give us THEIR rules we abide very graciously.  They have all asked for us not to bring dogs (dogs in general and not being breed specific)  This is for various reasons. 

Several people have complained in the past of allergies.

Also many of these venues serve food and the next thing we know we're battling the Health Department.

But the main reason actually comes from us. As many of you dog people know, there is NO WAY to verify the validity of a "service dog".  So in the past we've had run in's with some "service dogs" that ended up almost biting people and in one case, two of the dogs almost got into a fight. When your show is called "Pit Bulls & Parolees" you cannot have ANYTHING GO WRONG.

Tia would love nothing more than to bring her own dogs but for the sake of pleasing the venue owners and appeasing their liability concerns, she leaves her dogs elsewhere.  So unfortunately it is a people only event and we hope that you can truly understand why it has to be like this.

6.  And last but not least, here are the links to sign up for the current events. If you have any questions that were not answered here, feel free to email back.  At this time, we are only taking sign-up's for Jacksonville, FL and Austin, TX.  Hope to see y'all there!

To sign up for JACKSONVILLE, FL (Saturday JAN. 10TH 2015)

To sign up for AUSTIN, TX. (Sunday JAN. 25TH 2015)

Slobbers and Drools,
the gang at VRC


Rubio's Event Center 10712 FM 1625, Austin, TX, 78747, United States Get Directions


Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest Pit Bull rescue in the USA, and the rescue group featured on Animal Planet's Pit Bulls and Parolees with Tia Maria Torres